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Gas Match Lighter Heath Suet Feeder 15 pc. Inflator Needle Set
Gas Match Lighter
Our Price: $1.99
Heath Suet Feeder
Our Price: $3.99

This is a GAS MATCH multi-purpose lighter. It is 8.75" long.

Put an end to burning your fingers! Refillable gas lighters are perfect for lighting candles, BBQs, fireplaces, and grills, etc. The long-reach barrel keeps your hands away from the flame. It also has a lever to adjust the flame, a large fuel capacity, and a fuel-level viewing window.

  • for wild birds
  • squirrel resistant
  • holds ONE suet cake
  • vinyl coated wire protects birds feet
  • prevents rust, stains and suet contamination
  • Model S-1
This is a 15 piece package of INFLATOR NEEDLES.  They are suitable for all types of inflatables.  Use for your basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, etc.  Great item to keep in your garage or your camper, so it's there when you need it!
Audubon Bird Call 20' x 2" Tow Strap 1200 LB. Hand Winch
Audubon Bird Call
Our Price: $8.50
20' x 2" Tow Strap
Our Price: $28.50
1200 LB. Hand Winch
Our Price: $57.99
AUDUBON BIRD CALL - When twisted, this remarkable birchwood and metal instrument will make a variety of sounds which atract wild birds. Each Audubon Bird Call is handmade and individually tuned. It is now the standard songbird call throughout the world. The original pocket bird call! Realistic songbird sounds can be produced by twisting the metal piece. Comes with capsule containing powdered rosin to renew the instrument periodically.

This is a TOW ROPE 2" x 20' HEAVY DUTY tow strap, color is ORANGE. (package says towing to 10,000 lbs. but we would recommend to 6,000 lbs.)

  • heavy duty, drop forged, heat-treated carbon steel hooks
  • super strong nylon web strap
  • rot resistant, will not shrink
This is a 1200 pound HAND WINCH WITH 65' CABLE.
-drop forged, galvanized steel safety-latch hook.
-65 ft. 3/16" diameter heavy duty cable with a pulling capacity of 1200 lbs.
-smooth-action ration ratcheting crank for easy pulling power
-installs easily with 3 ps. 3/8" bolts and lock nuts
-heavy gauge steel frame
-this winch has a switch allowing you to ratchet in or out; also the switch can be positioned to run the wheel free (pull it out quickly)