Enjoy the warm, relaxing glow and aesthetic beauty of these unique, functional works of art! Each piece is distinctly hand carved to retain it’s unique, natural look and the beauty of salt crystals, so no two salt lamps are exactly alike! Bring the warm, earthy glow & relaxing feel of an Ionic Himalayan Natural Pink Salt Rock Crystal Basket Lamp into your home today!

Sure to be an eye catcher in whatever environment you place it in!
Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps have a similar effect to an ionizer. These Himalayan salt lamps emit negative Ions to their surroundings. Negative ions kill bacteria, purify the air, reduce radiation, increase well being & soothe the mind, body & soul. Negative ions are found naturally in nature, before Thunder Storms, at Waterfalls and wherever Nature is most pure.

Salt crystal lamps are natural ion generators, emitting negative ions into the atmosphere. Why is this a good thing? Negative ions are good for you! Negative ions restore and neutralize air quality. Negative ions can be used to treat illness and improve health. Our homes and offices are filled with electrical appliances and electronics (televisions, computers, florescent lighting, microwaves, heaters, air-conditioners, etc.). Use of such devices have been blamed for lowering our energy levels, making us feel tired, cranky, and depressed because of their emissions of positive ions. Keeping a rock salt lamp in areas where positive ions are polluting your air space will help neutralize the air you breathe. Balancing positive and negative ions also help reduce airborne infections.

How Do Rock Salt Lamps Work?

The heat from a lighted salt lamp attracts moisture. The evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions. How many negative ions a salt lamp or salt candle holder can release depends on its size and how warm a match-lit candle or electric light bulb makes it. A night-light sized salt lamp would be effective for an office cubicle. Naturally, the larger an area means a larger lamp is needed so that more more negative ions will be emitted.

*Due to the natural salt material used in these products, no two salt lamps or natural salt products will ever be alike. They contain natural veins, cracks and striations which give each lamp it's own unique look. The coloring of the lamps range from faint peach, to light orange and dark shades of red; this entire range of colors is often found within a single lamp. Weight and size will vary within product styles therefore the approximations provided in the item details are based on averages. The lamps depicted below are examples of average products. Due to these variances, we cannot guarantee exact shape, size or color but do we do guarantee our entire salt lamp and salt product collection will be one of a kind!
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